Observing. Our third eye for the care of your image.


Having two eyes is not enough. A third eye is necessary. To see things that you can’t see with just two eyes. It’s the eye of a professional observer that take care of your image in the point of sale.

It’s a vigilant eye. It observes the presence of your product and the performance of your services from the point of view of a customer, like a common client. A mystery client.

Our mystery client pay attention and consider the exposition and the visibility of products, the clearness of the tale in the description of the services, the behaviour of the employees in the sale moment, the merchandising and the communication of your company in the point of sale. And he does it through the eye of feasible buyer.

If you are asking to yourself how salesman propose your product. If you are asking yourself how the standards of the company are applied in your subsidiaries. Or If you are asking yourself what’s the level of preparation about your product and the commercial competence of your employees. What answers do you give to yourself?

We can do it: give you the answers of a feasible costumer. The same that- without prejudices, like a real client– can come to say that an employee is not kind or that the casher could be quicker and so not wasting the time of the people in line, or that the manager isn’t seen very often in the department.

Our third eye is like a faithful mirror for your image: the occasion to notice a detail that is not working that you weren’t aware to have in the packaging of your product, a detail hard to see that you didn’t notice in the graphics, an unclear writing in the description of your product. But also some skills you didn’t think you could count on. The mirror of the mystery client becomes the opportunity to observe yourself under a new light, the space where you can recognise yourself to become more self-aware. Where you can look at yourself in a new way.

Open your eyes on your point of sale with our third eye. It’s the eye of your feasible costumer.